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What is a 21st Century Library? Jan 19
21st Century Librarians create 21st Century Libraries Jan 26
21st Century Library Patrons Feb 2
21st Century Patrons: Greatest & Silent Feb 4
21st Century Patrons: Boomers & GenX Feb 10
21st Century Patrons: Generation Y, the Millennials Feb 17
Millennial Patrons & Social Networking Feb 23
21st Century Library vis-a-vis Library2.0+ Mar 3
The 21st Century Library is More Mar 8
The 21st Century Library is More: Business-like Mar 11
The 21st Century Library is More: Service Oriented Mar 15
21st Century Library Issues? Mar 18
21st Century Librarian Profession Mar 24
21st Century Mindset April 14
New 21st Century Librarianship Wiki April 15
21st Century Libraries are More: Customized April 20
A 21st Century Library is NOT Library2.0: It’s More! April 29
“21st Century Skills & Utah Libraries” Presentation May 11
21st Century Patrons – Revisited May 12
Changes in Our Librarian Education for the 21st Century May 27
“21st Century Skills & Utah Libraries” Presentation Video June 3
Are We in a 21st Century Library Paradigm Shift? June 3
21st Century Library Strategies June 24
The Future of Librarians? June 28
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Mission Statement July 8
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Vision Statement July 15
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Values and Guiding Principles July 21
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Forecast July 26
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Goals and Objectives August 2
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Activities August 10
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Measures and Outcomes August 12
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Organization August 16
21st Century Strategic Plan – Why Develop a Strategic Plan? August 16
21st Century Library Skills Need to Support 21st Century Workforce Demands August 24
21st Century Skills, Libraries and Librarians August 25
21st Century Skills & The Future of Libraries August 26
21st Century Library – “Rebooted” Into Relevance August 30
21st Century Librarianship Wiki September 2
Your Library and 21st century skills or “21st Century Skills” September 7
21st Century Skills Model – Expanded September 9
21st Century Skills in Action in School Libraries September 13
21st Century Skills in Action in Illinois Public Libraries September 15
Librarians and Integrity September 20
“White Spaces” – Another Game Changer! September 21
Future of the pBook – Conflicting Opinions! September 27
US Education Reform Will Require Many Supermen and Superwomen September 28
Privatization of Library Services. Seriously? September 29
The Ghost of Library Future September 29
21st Century Library Collaboration September 30
Library Privatization: Another Perspective October 11
21st Century Libraries Include “Gadget” Technology October 12
Mobile Technologies Landscape of the 21st Century Library October 13
eBook Feasibility for Public Libraries October 14
Special Libraries & 21st Century Competencies October 18
21st Century Library Technology & Connectivity October 20
“21st Century Skills & Utah Libraries” Presentation Video October 25
eBook Lending by UK Libraries Restricted October 25
21st Century Library – Goals and Objectives October 26
7 Imperatives for Library Leadership (in the 21st Century) October 27
DO NOT Confuse 21st Century “Library” with “Library Services” October 29
21st Century Library Advocacy November 2
“Digital Fugitive” Library Customers November 3
A New Library Model November 4
21st Century Librarianship – Part 1 November 4
21st Century Librarianship – Part 2, Technology November 8
21st Century Librarianship – Part 3, Relevance November 9
21st Century Librarianship – Part 4, Business Model November 10
21st Century Librarianship – Part 5, Collaboration November 12
Sure Sign That Times Are Tough November 15
21st Century Librarianship – Part 6, Advocacy November 16
21st Century Librarianship – Part 7, Reference November 17
Business Model Revisited – Business Acumen November 18
Libraries Reinventing Themselves? November 22
Strategic Planning – So What? November 23
Values and Guiding Principles – Revisited November 30
Exponential Mobile Technology Growth – Seriously! December 1
Polarization of the Librarian Profession? December 2
Change is Here – NOW! December 6
More Business-Like? Absolutely! December 8
Are Libraries Screwed? Seriously! December 8
Libraries Have Always Been About Learning? December 9
Why Are Libraries Needed? December 13
Harvard University Libraries – More Business-like? Absolutely! December 14
21st Century Librarianship Reading List December 15
A “Perfect Storm” Is Battering Libraries December 21


Change Is Not Coming – IT’S HERE! January 4
Reports on “The Death of the Library” January 5
ALA’s New Strategic Plan – Seriously? January 6
More 21st Century Librarianship Issues January 10
Library Leaders Face Tough Choices January 10
Demise of the Local Library? – Probably! January 11
As If Google Wasn’t Making Local Libraries Obsolete Fast Enough……. Jan 12
You Thought CIPA Was Unconstitutional? January 13
One Year of Blogging January 18
Tween Library User Creates #1 App January 18
Library2.0 Is Dead – Finally January 19
The 21st Century Library Model January 20
Librarianship Is The Foundation January 24
Technology Is The Building Block January 25
Customer Is The Purpose January 26
Introducing: A 21st Century Library Model January 27
A 21st Century Library Model – Seriously! January 31
Discontinuous Thinking February 1
21st Century Library Conversation? February 1
10 Reasons to Believe Discontinuous Change February 2
OCLC: Perceptions of Libraries 2010 Report February 3
Not WHY?, But WHY! Libraries Are Needed February 7
21st Century Librarian Mindset February 9
Technologies to Watch February 15
Reference Librarian vs. Computer! February 16
And The Winner Is….. February 17
Goals & Objectives within the 21st Century Library Model February 22
“Likenomics” & Library Marketing February 23
Youth and Technology February 24
Social Networking Takes Hollywood February 28
A Look Into Your Future March 1
HarperCollins’ Library Smack Down March 2
eBook User’s Bill of Rights – Seriously? March 3
Another Look Into Your Future March 7
Curation Nation? – Quite Possibly! March 8
Library Closure Numbers Are Not Too Bad March 9
Library Braintrust March 17
Texting vs. Morse Code March 21
“Community Center” Mindset Fosters Librarian Polarization March 22
Technology Advances – SERIOUSLY! March 24
Harper Collins = 21st Century Scrooge March 28
What IS the Future of Libraries? March 29
Libraries in the Clouds – Seriously! March 30
The Revolutionary Library April 4
21st Century Library Paradigm – More Evidence April 6
21st Century Library Paradigm – Even More Evidence April 7
Library Paradigm vs. Library Model April 11
From Ownership to Access April 12
Library Strategic Planning Process Overview April 14
Answers for Library Leaders April 20
Libraries, Internet Filtering and CIPA April 25
Strategic Plans & Strategic Partnerships April 27
ALA Still Looking Back, Not Forward May 3
Top 10 Viewed Blog Posts May 5
Is This Your 21st Century Library? May 9
No Interest for 21st Century Library Topics in State Library Association Agendas? May 16
Is There Any Limit to the Future? May 18
Improving Literacy Through School Libraries Program Eliminated May 23
What Is Google Hiding From You? May 24
Create Your Vision of Your 21st Century Library! May 25
In Case You Didn’t Feel The Paradigm Shifting May 26
Digital Natives Want It Now! May 31
Too Busy Keeping the Library Running! June 6
21st Century Library in the iCloud? June 7
“Inside the Box” Librarians June 14
Do-It-Yourself QR Codes June 16
Digital Natives Want It Now? – Never Gonna’ Happen! June 21
Who Knows What a Digital Library Will Be – NOBODY! June 22
ALA’s Backhanded Compliment to Librarians? June 23
ALA Finally Catches Up? June 27
Crowdsourcing – A New 21st Century Library Skill June 29
Open Innovation – A New 21st Century Library Skill July 5
DRM-free eBooks Now Available July 11
Creating Your Own Mobile App? July 12
Harry Potter – The Last Great READ? July 14
Google+ = Competition for The Other Guys July 18
Digital Discovery – A New 21st Century Library Skill July 20
Planned Abandonment – A New 21st Century Library Skill July 25
Apple Slams the Door on eBook Apps July 27
Customer Targeting – A New 21st Century Library Skill August 1
A Look Into Your Library’s Future August 8
Perpetual Beta – The Real 21st Century Library Model? August 10
‘Post-PC Era’ – Are You Ready? August 15
The Physics of Your Library Brand August 17
An LJ Report on ALA Annual 2011 August 19
Outcomes, Outcomes, Outcomes August 23
All Millennials Are Not Information Literate – YET! August 25
Book Review: R. David Lankes – The Atlas of New Librarianship August 30
Final Review: The Atlas of New Librarianship September 8
A Library SME in Community September 14
21st Century Librarianship vs. The 1876 Special Report September 16
Strategic Planning: 2011 September 20
Disintermediation Trend is Eliminating Librarians September 22
You Thought Gaming Had No Place in Your Library? – Think Again! Sep 27
Amazon’s New Kindle Bringing Fire to the Tablet Market Sep 29
School Librarians Not Even an Afterthought in Education? October 3
Two Rules for 21st Century Librarianship Success October 7
Five Challenges Every Librarian Must Face October 12
21st Century Library Organization October 17
Now More Than Ever – 7 Imperatives for Library Leadership October 21
IMLS Announces the 2011 National Medal Recipients October 25
School Libraries: What’s Yet to Come? October 28
QR Codes for Libraries and Education November 1
Library as Learning Space: The Video November 2
A New Taxonomy in Education November 8
Re-Imagining The Public Library November 10
Sure-Fire, Can’t-Fail Way to Prove Your Library’s Relevance November 16
The Art of……the Comic? November 23
Are You a 21st Century Librarian? November 28
Personalized Learning Means Personalized Library November 30
Library Science Ranks #4 in Highest Unemployment December 2
21st Century Librarianship Is Outside Your Comfort Zone December 6
Value Added – A New 21st Century Library Skill December 8
Why Don’t Librarians Collaborate More? December 14
Why Not a Bachelor’s in Library Science? December 19


Strategy for 21st Century Library Excellence January 4
Leaders! ? January 6
Leader Development January 9
Why Not a Bachelor in Library Science? – Revisited January 11
The Excellent Library Leader… January 15
Two Years of Blogging January 19
2011 Blog in Review January 19
Librarian or Radical Social Activist? January 23
Changes in Our Librarian Education for the 21st Century – Revisited January 26
21st Century Library Strategic Management January 31
21st Century Library Strategy – Change! February 7
Millennials & the NEW American Dream February 9
Digital Natives Want ‘More’ From Their Public Libraries February 14
Being “The Library” Again February 22
What’s Wrong With This Picture! February 24
The High Performing Library February 29
Our Future is Not Uncertain – It’s Ambiguous March 8
Many 21st Century Library Directors Are NOT Librarians March 19
eTextbooks! March 21
Go Big or Go Home! March 26
Leadership Quotes March 29
Multidisciplinary – A New 21st Century Librarianship Skill April 3
Being ‘The Library’ Again – Revisited April 5
Big-City Public Libraries vs. Statistics April 12
Libraries Are Obsolete April 17
Curation – A New 21st Century Librarianship Skill? April 19
More Evidence FOR a Bachelor’s Degree in LIS April 25
Libraries Are Obsolete – An Oxford Style Debate – Critique April 27
eBooks For Libraries Campaign May 2
Is the 21st Century Library a Fad? May 9
Introducing Google’s Knowledge Graph – Things, Not Strings May 21
Zombie Librarianship May 24
Are Summer Reading Programs Also Irrelevant? May 30
Technology Is Moving Ahead – Leaving Libraries Behind June 5
L-Schools and I-Schools Embracing D-Schools? June 12
The Public Library of 2020 June 19
Technology Game Changers for Libraries June 26
Library Profit = Community Relevance July 3
The DUH?! Moment July 12
The Lamentable Loss of America’s Literacy August 1
Jamie LaRue & Colorado Public Libraries August 9
Why Libraries Are Needed! – Revisited August 13
Tame the Monkeys in Your Library August 16
Why Libraries Are Not Creative Organizations August 20
The Perception of Your Library August 27
Engage Your Millennials August 30
PLA President Advocates Leadership September 4
Pygmalion in Library Leadership September 7
Librarian Leaders Delegate! September 11
How Casual is Too Casual? September 13
Library Leadership… October 5
American Librarianship – 19th vs 21st Century October 10
American Librarianship – 19th vs 21st Century – Youth Services October 15
American Librarianship – 19th vs 21st Century – Literacy October 22
Is This Your 21st Century ‘Library?’ October 26
IMLS Is Looking Ahead For 21st Century Libraries October 31
“Librarian” or “Book-Lover” November 12
“Team Work Makes Dreams Work” November 20
Why Not a Bachelor in Library Science? – Still Asking November 28
Top Ten Traits of Great Library Leaders December 18


21st Century Librarianship – Revisited January 10
Gen Y The Greatest Generation – Seriously? January 14
21st Century Librarianship Is Not For Casual Librarians January 17
What’s In A Name? January 25
LibraryEdge Benchmarks? We Can Do Better! January 29
Personalized Professional Development? Scoop.It! February 6
21st Century Libraries and Librarians Look Like: Innovation February 11
21st Century Libraries and Librarians Look Like: YouTube February 14
You Have Two, Maybe Three Years… February 19
21st Century Public Library As Business Incubator – Seriously? February 22
Perception 3 – Millennial Thinking March 7
eMovies From The Library – What Next? March 20
Follow The Leader? – Sometimes! March 26
21st Century Libraries Look Like: Something Unexpected April 2
Do Epic Stuff April 16
Future Tablet Technology – Personalized April 18
MLS Still the Fourth Worst Degree for ROI April 23
21st Century Libraries Look Like: Something Unexpected – Part 2 April 30
21st Century High School Graduates May 22
21st Century World Record Library June 11
Big Data vs. Little Library June 13
Communities Don’t Know What They Want Their Library To Be June 20
Can We Get Real Facts, Please June 27
Alligators and Swamps and 21st Century Libraries July 23
Who Do You Think You Are? July 29
Some Libraries Resist Assisting ObamaCare – Some Librarians Express Concerns August 1
Meet The Millennials – Harry and Katniss August 5
21st Century Libraries Look Like: Something Unexpected – Part 3 August 8
A Sixth Challenge Every Librarian Must Face August 19
21st Century Library Strategic Plan Model Book August 27
Affordable Care Act – Librarians’ Dilemma September 12
21st Century Libraries Look Like: Augmented Reality September 19
Here We Go Again – Now Librarians Are Immigration Advisors September 26
21st Century Librarians Look Like: Game-changing Creativity October 16
21st Century Libraries Look Like: True Innovation October 23
Discovery Services: The Future of Library Systems? October 29
Remember Watson? November 18
Librarianship Truisms December 1
The Highly Successful 21st Century Library Director December 10
An Awesome Experience With Strategic Planning December 17
Posts and Visitors: 2013 in Review December 31


A New Perspective of Librarianship January 6
Complete These Statements … January 9
Five Answers to Successful Strategic Planning January 13
Watson Come Here – We Want You January 16
Millennial Library Users Need … What? January 23
You May Be A 21st Century Librarian If You: January 27
On the 4th Anniversary of Blogging January 30
Get Creative At Your Library February 6
The Librarian’s Role in the “The Battel of the Books (‘Readers)” February 13
Friends Are Priceless! February 19
Rebranding Removes the Term Library February 24
Pros and Cons of Outside CE Trainers March 6
Pew Research Defines Library Users – Yet Again? March 26
What IS the State of America’s Libraries? April 17
ALA’s Vision for the Library’s Future is Not Even Its Own April 21
Passing the Torch June 6

Picking up the Torch… June 10
First Day June 11
We say we are cutting edge…but are we? June 16
Visionary Leader for the 21st Century Library or Control Freak? June 24
eBooks and the 21st Century Library: How Libraries have (almost) sold their soul July 2
You may be a 21st Century Librarian if… July 17
21st Century Librarians Make Allies of the Press July 23
21st century libraries are a one stop for job seekers…. July 30
21st Century Library Innovations and Inspirations!! August 7
Authors now join Public Libraries as targets of Publisher and Bookseller censorship and greed – But who is the real victim? August 12
Innovation is all a matter of Perspective August 21