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“Museums, Libraries, and 21st Century Skills Online Self-Assessment” – IMLS
Website for 21st Century Skills and a library self-assessment instrument.

“The 23 Things – Learning 2.0” – Stephen Abram
“I refer to Helene Blowers inestimable effort – 23 Things and Learning 2.0 – for libraries often. I believe that this has been one of the most transformational and viral activities to happen globally to libraries in decades. Her efforts have really made a difference.”

“Ten Tips About 23 Things” – Helene Blowers
Innovator of Learning2.0 technology training, and a world-wide sensation of technology that 21st Century librarians should know.

Digital Native… or Not?: Learning Computers Later in Life
Need help with providing technology training for your “Traditional” library patrons? NYCPL has some answers.

21st Century Skills –

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills offers Route 21, a one-stop-shop for 21st century skills-related education information, resources and community tools.

“Partnership for 21st Century Skills: Teaching 21st Century Learners” – YouTube (6:08)
The 21st Century Skills movement was incubated in education, has spread to academic and school libraries, and is now spreading to public libraries.

21st Century Libraries

A Fresh Look at Public Attitudes About Libraries in the 21st Century

12/31/2005 by Public Agenda, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization
Americans prize public library service and see libraries as potential solutions to many communities’ most pressing problems, from universal access to computers to the need for better options for keeping teens safe and productive, but few Americans are aware of the increasingly tenuous financial future of many libraries.

Libraries as 21st Century Technology Leaders: Developing a Statewide Toolkit – Phase I Report The Illinois Library System Directors Organization, and North Suburban Library System, December 31, 2006

Libraries as 21st Century Technology Leaders report from Illinois State Library, 2007.

21st Century Public Library Models, Networked Libraries Wiki site

21st Century Librarianship –

21st Century Librarianship Wiki, a collaborative wiki

21st Century Patrons –

The Idaho Commissions for Libraries 2009 Study Views that Digital Natives have of public libraries.

When ‘Digital Natives’ Go to the Library
Inside Higher Ed, June 25, 2007
“Needham said that in this environment, librarians should focus on “in demand training,” helping students when they hit an obstacle, not before they start.”

“Millennial Generation” – YouTube (2:42)

“Motorola Millennial Generation Research Study” – YouTube (1:40)

“Millennials: The New Brand of Creatives” – YouTube (5:12)

“Who are the Millennials?” – YouTube (1:31)

“Motivating Millenials” – YouTube (1:00)

Millennial Generation (Counterpoint) – YouTube (2:05)

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