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Picking up the Torch…

It is with pleasure and with a great deal of trepidation that I take on Dr. Matthews’, my father’s, blog.  As I voiced to him, I fear that it will not continue to be the high level of scholarly work and academic reflection that he has made a hallmark of this blog over the last four years.  There is a reason he has those two initials in front of his name and those three initials at the back.  I do not. I am what I am and what that is is a 21st-century library director. Or at least that’s how I like to think of myself.  And that is exactly how I will continue this blog.
So for those who’ve come to read the reviews of and reflections upon scholarly works for writings about our field, I’m afraid you will be disappointed. As a library director I have a stack of periodicals and professional journals on my desk at all times… Very rarely do I actually have the time to Peruse them.
For those who may have come for philosophical reviews of other blogs and articles about Librarianship, I’m afraid you will be disappointed. I have many blogs bookmarked on my iPad and computer that I attempt to follow… Very rarely in the cast of the day do I find time to check them.
For those who come seeking theoretical and academic analysis on the trending themes of our profession, I fear you will be disappointed. I try to keep up with everyone’s ideas of what is happening on the front lines of Librarianship and I’m sure if I did I would have a million opinions.
Unfortunately, as a  library director, I find myself spending my days dealing with the issues that come across my desk from staff, vendors, politicians, trustees, budget, marketing, the latest technology being hawked in my email Inbox, etc.
Therefore as I continue this blog doing my very best to honor my father and what he has built here, I will do it by blogging about what I know… And that is the 21st-century library in action.  Names and specifics will be changed to protect the innocent (and the not so innocent). I hold paramount the tenants of ethics and privacy that are the foundation of our profession and will, in no way shape or form, forgo those in my blog postings. I will talk about the issues that I deal with on a day-to-day basis, the random thoughts that I have, and my musings for the future of our libraries and our profession.
Occasionally I will be off base or I may write something that you read and think “OH She doesn’t know about x,y,z…!”  You will be absolutely right! So drop me a comment! I hope this blog will inspire conversation, debate, and sharing of ideas and information.  That it will continue to be a spot where librarians everywhere who are busy ‘fightin the fight’ can drop by now and again and be inspired, informed, and, hopefully, amused.  A place to rest, recharge, and rearm to forge through our Library-Land with a bigger tool bag and fresher smile.
So buckle your seat belts, hold on and let’s take this baby out for a spin! Because the one thing I have learned about libraries during my 20+ year career that they did NOT teach me in library school is:  Libraryland is crazy ~ You can’t make this stuff up!!
Hopefully you will enjoy the ride with me.
Kimberly Matthews


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