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On the 4th Anniversary of Blogging

It seems like a very short time since I began this Blog, but it has been four years. I have covered a lot of material, enough on Strategic Planning to co-author a book Crash Course in Strategic Planning published by Libraries Unlimited in August 2013.

Some other stats are below, but I want to sincerely thank everyone who has supported my efforts, and especially those who have shared their thoughts and experiences. Much appreciated!

This is Post number 309, or about 6 each month.

There have been over 225,000 views to date, or about 4,750 per month average, and over 300,000 words. WHEW!

The top viewed pages and posts are;
Home page 36,050
Five Challenges Every Librarian Must Face 11,153
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Vision Statement 10,614
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Goals and Objectives 10,097
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Mission Statement 6,347
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Forecast 5,843
Why Not a Bachelor’s in Library Science? 5,475
Changes in Our Librarian Education for the 21st Century 5,256
Top Ten Traits of Great Library Leaders 3,482
Customer Is The Purpose 3,233
21st Century Skills, Libraries and Librarians 2,819



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