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An Awesome Experience With Strategic Planning

The awesome part was working with my daughter to present something that we are both passionate about to other library professionals. Besides gaining a new appreciation for just how awesome Kimberly is, we experienced something that few parents and children get to experience – getting paid to work together.

What greater experience could a librarian have than to present a workshop with their child, also a librarian, who is now a colleague? Last week Kimberly and I spent two 8-hr days in Utah presenting our Strategic Planning Workshop to two groups of library directors and their board members.

Our workshop covered;
• What Is a Strategic Plan,
• Why Do Strategic Planning,
• The Strategic Planning Process,
• A Strategic Planning Format, and
• Details of each step in the process, with
• Breakout sessions for participants to collaborate and develop new elements of their own Strategic Plan.

Kimberly Planning

Based on our book Crash Course in Strategic Planning, published by Libraries Unlimited last August, we developed this Strategic Planning fundamentals workshop and were contracted by Utah State Library to deliver it to their first group of librarians.

Steve Goals

The icing on the cake was that the participants left at the end of the day inspired to take on developing a visionary strategic plan for their library. Some of the participant comments included;

“Thank you! I came in this morning planning on a boring lecture but you guys were great. I am not stressed about Strategic Planning now.”

“I came today discouraged at the whole thing. After the class, I feel so much better. I feel this is really a goal I can reach. Thank you Thank you.”

“It was excellent. Thank you. This is such an intimidating process and I learned a lot.”

“I was expecting to be overwhelmed and confused but I came away understanding the need for Strategic Plans. I now believe that we can put together something for our library that will be useful. Very clear and understandable. Thank you!”

“Steve and Kimberly gave a wonderful plan to follow so our strategic plan will now actually reflect the community and library’s needs in regard to the patrons’ expectations. I now have a direction to follow in developing our first long-term strategic plan.”

“I should have brought board members to participate in this.”

“It was perfect! Fantastic!”

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