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Future Tablet Technology – Personalized

Tech blogger Robert Scoble and tech analysts Ben Bajarin, Maribel Lopez and Rob Enderle gaze into their crystal balls to predict the next big thing in tablets in a panel discussion at TabTimes TABLET STRATEGY West in San Francisco. Posted to YouTube March 11, 2013.
This expert group discusses LOTS of different emerging technology, as well as where they think personalization of computing devices is headed. They examine the medical field, service industry, youth gaming, education and other areas of life and work.

At 33 minutes it’s a little long, but well worth the time to get an image of the future of technology. Use your imagination about how it will impact your library.


They refer to this Corning Glass promo A Future Made of Glass that I posted two years ago as approaching reality. It will still amaze you!


Don’t forget the Digital Public Library of America launches today.

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