eMovies From The Library – What Next?

It appears this is just a continuation of the inroads that libraries are making into the other-than-print eMaterials being made available to library customers. eBooks have been the major topic of discussion in the profession – as well as the publishing industry – for the past few years as more and more library customers are demanding more and more eBook titles be made available for FREE access. eMovies seems the next logical extension into digital materials for library patrons.

According to the Dagger News Service March 17 posting,

Harford County Public Library is pleased to introduce hoopla! Customers can now borrow thousands of movies, television shows, music albums and audiobooks right from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. With an HCPL library card, hoopla makes downloading and watching movies, television shows, and more easy, and it’s free.

Even better news –

Harford County Public Library is one of seven national libraries to Beta test hoopla and provide critical feedback to hoopla’s vendor, Midwest Tapes, before it is made available nationwide. Harford County Public Library staff has been testing hoopla and now it is time for Library customers to test it, too!

“hoopla is terrific addition to the Library’s array of downloadable products and it is significant that our customers will now be part of the developmental piece of this new service,” explained Mary Hastler, Library Director.

The six other libraries Beta testing hoopla are:
• Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC)
• Columbus (OH)
• Los Angeles (CA)
• Orange County Library System (FL)
• Seattle (WA)
• Toledo (OH)

Rumor has it that copies of the eMovies from hoopla are unlimited, so – NO WAITING LISTS!

As if this wasn’t excellent enough news for library customers, DHX Media is also getting into the action.

HALIFAX , Feb. 19, 2013 /CNW/ – DHX Media Ltd. (DHX.TO), a leading independent producer, distributor and licensor of mainly children’s entertainment content, has signed a major new VOD “Video On Demand” deal with Midwest Tape-owned digital platform HOOPLA.

This three year deal marks the first time DHX has sold to HOOPLA and underscores the company’s aim of exploiting digital opportunities for its library of programming on emerging platforms. Yahoo Finance

In my Post Technology Advances – SERIOUSLY! from March 24, 2011, I stated;

I’ve said “nature abhors a vacuum”, and where there is a demand commercial vendors are stepping in to fill that void. Business is more nimble and responds to market demands MUCH faster than any library organization. But librarians MUST keep in touch with our customers just as surely as any business, and respond accordingly with innovative services.

Watch to see what a free market will make available next for library customers! Is your library ready?

According to a reader Sally Bryant at Pepperdine University, hoopla is only offering their service to public libraries – hoopla’s loss.


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5 responses to “eMovies From The Library – What Next?

  1. Wow, a library vendor so customer focused they believe there is no need for waiting or holds on eMaterials. You have to like these guys!

  2. Sally

    I emailed Hoopla when I found out about it and it is only offering the service to public libraries. Academic libraries are not able to use the service.

  3. Lisa

    Noooo! Thanks for finding out about that, Sally. As an academic librarian, I am very disappointed to hear we won’t be able to get this service.

  4. Unfortunately, limited in our offerings of hoopla to only Public Libraries is a result of constraints in the agreements with our content providers. Since Libraries are Midwest Tape’s only focus, we strive to some day make hoopla available to all libraries and will continue the fight.
    Elaine – Lead Digital Specialist – Midwest Tape

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