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21st Century Libraries and Librarians Look Like: Innovation

As I conduct my personalized professional development, I want to share articles that to me typify what the 21st Century Library looks like – what it does – what it symbolizes – how it performs – how it benefits its community – how it remains relevant – and most of all, how it is different in the 21st Century. This will include the Librarian and Librarianship – what skills you need – what attributes – what practices – what education – and most of all, how they are different in the 21st Century.

What Does A Library Look Like In 2013?

The Future Of Libraries.

Think Like a Startup: A White Paper To Inspire Library Entrepreneurialism

College Students Study Habits Changes Library Operations

Libraries Transforming In The Digital Age

Library Adds Vending Machine to Dispense Laptops

What Is The Role of a Library?

Adopt-A-Magazine Program

These articles are presented to be thought provoking and ideas for change, adaptation and progress. What they mean to you is what is important, not what they mean to me. There will be other resources to follow periodically that I hope will also spark conversation.

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