Personalized Professional Development? Scoop.It!

In this 21st Century environment most everything is moving toward personalized service and product. Marketing efforts are trying to reach individuals as well as market segments, and products that sell very well are those that people can use in ways that fit their interests, needs and life style.

Seems to me like librarianship is also one of those interests that can benefit from being personalized, especially since professional development opportunities on cutting edge librarianship are few and far between. Everything from embedded librarianship to virtual reference services to BISAC is focused more on the individual’s needs than ever before, and taking charge of your own professional development is more important than ever.

ScoopItI have found that for me Scoop.It works extremely well for searching the Internet while I work, and pulling out headlines and URLs that are potentially of interest to me according to the search parameters I determine.

Professional reading – not just juried articles or publications – and everything thought provoking, is my personalized professional development program. is the most connected curation publishing platform. Our partners and integrations include major social networks and platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, WordPress, Tumblr, SlideShare, and HootSuite.


We built to help the marketers, the consultants, and the entrepreneurs increase their visibility online. enables professionals to share important ideas with the right audiences giving them an opportunity to create and maintain a meaningful Web presence, a crucial component to the success of their business and career.

So, in a sense, you can become your own consultant – and certainly you should be an entrepreneur – regarding your librarianship professional development, as well as your network. I use my 21st Century Libraries Scoop.It site to collect hundreds of headlines and URLs almost every day. It provides me with the latest Who’s Doing What information, as well as articles of interest on anything “21st Century Library related.” Other interested professionals browse my site and Re-Scoop articles and URLs for their own audience, and share thoughts and Scoops.

Scoop.It is the easiest way there is to keep tuned in to the world of librarianship, or whatever interests you.

For those hundreds of you who are interested in my Strategic Planning series of posts – the most viewed posts on this Blog – feel free to review my picks for my own professional development at my new Library Strategic Planning Scoop.It site. It currently has over 20 very informative and thought provoking scoops.


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6 responses to “Personalized Professional Development? Scoop.It!

  1. Thanks for posting. I’ve been wondering about and how to use it effectively. I just signed up!

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  3. Thanks for leading me to this great service! I’m now Scoop.It! fan:

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