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Shameless Promo For My Amazon Book

OK, it’s not about 21st Century Librarianship. That one is still in the works. But, what can I say, except that this is a shameless plug for my book that I just published through Amazon’s CreateSpace utility. It wasn’t painless, but it was successful and satisfying, especially for something I’ve worked on for a few decades. I hope you’ll enjoy;

“Timeless Quotes for a Better Life in the 21st Century”
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“The most consummately beautiful thing in the universe is the rightly fashioned life of a good person.” was written by George Herbert Palmer, an 19th Century American scholar and author. Reading Palmer’s profound observation should cause anyone to reflect on what does make a ‘rightly fashioned life’ and whether that gives someone a happier life possibly than others. After many years of experience, trial and error, and contemplation, I have come to a conclusion – Yes, a ‘rightly fashioned life’ does make a person happier, and it certainly can be consummately beautiful.

My hope is that this book will help the reader understand for themselves what constitutes a ‘good person’, and begin to create a ‘rightly fashioned life’ in this 21st Century. Winston Churchill had it right when he said “All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” Those concepts pretty well cover the spectrum, but life could be so much simpler than people try to make it today. Note I didn’t say easy, I just said more simple, less complicated, more enjoyable, more satisfying, and more filled with self-respect found through creating a ‘rightly fashioned life.’

I have written this book to stimulate knowledge by the reader that I hope will have a lasting impact on each person’s perspective of fashioning their own ‘rightly fashioned life.’ That, and expressing how important it is for society to regain a grasp of right and wrong. What I have attempted to do is share my perspectives and personal perceptions about life based on these relevant quotations, and how they relate to a ‘rightly fashioned life.’

For example, my all time favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quote is: “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else.” It is so often applicable because we all have regrets and worries that something didn’t turn out just the way we had planned or hoped, or that we might have missed out on something great, and that while we were otherwise engaged we missed out on something better. That leads to much frustration, discontent and unhappiness, but Emerson was able to put those feelings in the proper perspective – don’t be concerned over what you might have missed, because you’ve gained something else – something that no one else gained. I hope you will find many words of wisdom in these timeless quotes, from which you can create a better life in this 21st Century.

Review: (just one so far)

Beautiful and Meaningful!!
There are so many quote books out there that it is hard to find one that really speaks to you. Timeless Quotes for a Better Life contains quotes that are the best of the best and all fit together to uplift the spirit. As I read, Dr. Matthews’ narration of the quotes and the way they were put together clearly demonstrated how they could be applied in so many life situations to simply live with more beauty and grace.

This book is a rare find in a market littered with encyclopedias of every quote (most useless to our everyday life) and self-help books that seem to simply promote the faddish trend of this moments thinking. Instead this book highlights those qualities and aspects of living that are timeless and true.

A worthy read and one to go back to time and again when life seems bleak.


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