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Go Big or Go Home!

My daughter reminded me of this truism the other day and it stuck in my head as words that should guide our profession. In this uncertain future, librarians need to …

Go Big or Go Home!

In recent Posts I’ve commented on visionary and excellent leadership, the high performing library, strategic management, and being “The Library” again. This saying seems to totally summarize those several hundred words.

Go Big or Go Home!

It’s always good to elaborate on what exactly something so seemingly obvious really means, because it’s not always obvious to everyone. Some people “get it”, but others think it’s too ambiguous.

Go Big or Go Home!

If something is worth doing it’s worth doing well – in the case of 21st Century Librarianship – it’s worth doing excellently! That’s what it will require in order for the institution of the library to survive, transform, and reinvent itself into the relevant institution that every community needs. Yes, every community NEEDS A LIBRARY, so…..

Go Big or Go Home!


Either lead, follow, or get out of the way!

It’s far past time for discontinuous thinking, visionary leadership and 21st Century librarianship. In the future there is no place for timidity.


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