Millennials & the NEW American Dream

Born between 1981 and 2000, also known as “The 9/11 Generation” and possibly “Echo Boomers”, this generation is now in the workforce, and the second half of the generation is entering college.

This generation is said to be a sharp departure from Generation X. I believe that, and what’s more frightening, they believe government owes them something – $$$$$

FOX & Friends News interviewed a Florida college professor on the results of a class project about – The American Dream. As noted, the results are jaw dropping!

How will this generation of library customers affect the future of librarians, and libraries?

Please ignore the political overtones of this news piece, because politics is not my purpose or point in posting this. It’s about the impact in libraries from this generation of library customers.


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3 responses to “Millennials & the NEW American Dream

  1. Well you started it…I am a part of said generation and I don’t feel like the rest of my counterparts. It really disturbs me when I hear my peers speak about their political views. They want know responsibility over their lives and they want government to take care of all their problems not realizing that too much government is the problem. My generation has been brainwashed by the liberalized school system and the liberal media. They push this liberal agenda on us from when we are in pre-school. They only present us with one political view and we take it as part of what we are suppose to learn. They don’t even give us the conservative view to decide for ourselves. Luckily I was able to weed through the madness. How will this affect libraries? It may be beneficial when considering the funding for libraries as this generation thinks they are entitled to everything so they will demand that the publoic libraries stay funded. The only problem though is that they demand funding for everything that they want and need and eventually the funds will dry up the economy will blow up and nothing will be able to be funded not even libraies. I think we are seeing this now.

    • I think you may be right…. unless we become the strong free market economy we’ve always been, “eventually the funds will dry up the economy will blow up and nothing will be able to be funded not even libraies.”
      Isn’t it a good thing not everyone in a generation has the same attitude. Otherwise things might really go to pot (pun intended), and Rock n’ Roll would really have ruined America.
      Thanks for the comment.

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