Two Years of Blogging

Today marks the beginning of year three of my blogging adventure. The past two years have been an adventurous, bewildering, challenging, discouraging, encouraging, enlightening, exciting, exasperating, frustrating, and satisfying experience (don’t worry I wasn’t planning an alphabetical listing of emotions). What began as one of those Library2.0 23 Things “things” turned into much more. I had no idea where it was going beyond exploring the 21st Century Library, or if it would even survive, but two years later and almost 73,000 views – who knew!

I now understand that it is virtually impossible to separate Library from Librarianship without taking both topics out of context. So, this coming year my emphasis will be directed toward exploring Librarianship, but I have no idea what direction that may take. I’m anxious to find out.

In these two years I have learned a lot about librarianship – more about what it can be, as compared to what it is. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to reach more librarians, and that more librarians that I did reach didn’t share their librarian experiences and perspectives. Maybe you all can help me change that in the coming year.

I have gone from a viewership low (notice I didn’t claim “readership” since I can only hope viewers actually read the posts) of 4 daily average to a high of 286 last month. I have gone from two followers (my wife and daughter, bless them) to 145 followers. I wrote 210 posts in 102 weeks (thanks to many smart folks’ ideas), and have total views of almost 73,000 – from all over the world.

My most viewed posts were the following, not counting the Home Page that has been viewed 12,100+ times, with the approximate number of views.
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Goals and Objectives – 3,100
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Vision Statement – 3,050
Five Challenges Every Librarian Must Face – 2,500
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Mission Statement – 2,050
Customer Is The Purpose – 1,950
Library Science Ranks #4 in Highest Unemployment – 1,750
Changes in Our Librarian Education for the 21st Century – 1,700
Are You a 21st Century Librarian? – 1,700
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Forecast – 1,500
Apple Slams the Door on eBook Apps – 1,225
21st Century Skills, Libraries and Librarians – 1,025

Oh, ya, 1,250 of you checked me out on the About page. 🙂

My most views in one day was 766 on December 1, 2011, after Are You a 21st Century Librarian? was picked up by American Libraries magazine (which obviously generated the high number of views on the Blog). Customer Is The Purpose from January 26, 2011, and Five Challenges Every Librarian Must Face November 28, as well as Library Science Ranks #4 in Highest Unemployment December 2, and Why Don’t Librarians Collaborate More? December 14 were also picked up by american libraries DIRECT online newsletter, in the Actions & Answers section (near the bottom).

Frankly, I still can not explain why the Strategic Planning series of posts has been overall the most popular. Combined, the series equals almost 15% of all views. – ???

I sincerely appreciate each one of you who have viewed my posts, and especially those readers who shared your thoughts by commenting. I greatly appreciate those who have subscribed to follow my posts, especially your vote of confidence that you think I may have worthwhile ideas to write in the future.

I look forward to a new year of writing about 21st Century Librarianship, and sincerely hope you readers will help us all in this endeavor to transform librarianship into what it needs to be to thrive (not just survive) in this uncertain 21st Century future.

Thank You All!


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7 responses to “Two Years of Blogging

  1. Thank you for this post. As a new blogger, I have often wondered how my statistics compare to others, how long it takes to build a viewership (hopefully a readership, too!), etc. I appreciate you taking the time to write this post, which provides a lot of insight. I’m glad I discovered your blog in 2011. It has been the genesis more than once for posts of my own. I look forward to reading more!

  2. RMK

    I suspect your high viewership for Strategic Planning series could be from a required reading for a class. I’m a graduate student about to start a Community Engagement class and looking over the syllabus, there are several links to YouTube videos and a variety of blog posts.

    I’m a relatively new follower, and quite frankly won’t have as much time to read when classes are in full swing, but I do find your posts relevant and informative and won’t hesitate to share them w/ co-workers and classmates.

    • Thank you for sheading light on that point. I’m grateful for whatever reason people are finding my Blog posts informative. I also hope you’ll share your experiences and perceptions with me and all the Blog readers.

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