The Art of……the Comic?

Yes, from SmarterComics. How cool!

[Click to view on YouTube]

Being a military man in my former life, Sun Tzu was always a favorite read for me. And, getting a degree in management helped me determine that Sun Tzu was not really a manager, didn’t offer management advice, and was solely a war lord. But, people like to transpose ideas, so what the heck.

The adaptation of Sun Tzu’s classic is a bit simplistic, hits the high points of his axioms on war, and uses some current day scenarios to attempt to put them into a modern context. It works on a simplistic level for that comic book audience. It was a good effort, and I think indicative of another side of future publishing.

Even more impressive is that Harper Perennial will be publishing a true graphic novel, different from the SmarterComics comic but based on the Sun Tzu classic. “Kelly Roman’s graphic novel is an epic narrative (328 pages) that takes place in the near future when China is the world’s dominant economy and Wall Street is militarized.” THE ART OF WAR hits the market next May.

These latest reincarnations of the old master are just another glimpse into the future of Generation Z, or Screen Gen, or whatever the pre-adult generation is now – and your local library. Are you ready?

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