Library as Learning Space: The Video

If you’re looking for a good example of a library organized and equipped as a learning space, or learning commons, or third space, or whatever term you choose, this is as good as I’ve seen. Unquiet Librarian Buffy Hamilton’s Creekview High School Library in Canton, Georgia, is as good as you’ll find.

As you watch the video, look closely at the furniture, the placement of furniture, the general layout of the library area that makes it conducive to small group collaboration, but it is – most of all – inviting and comfortable. Take a look.

Hamilton made the video as an example of “a quick snapshot of what learning looks like at The Unquiet Library”. What I saw was good planning and organization without a huge $$$ investment. I saw a variety of furniture, not all “institutional” style. I saw sofas and rugs and easy chairs. I saw drinks on tables – GASP! I saw maximization of available space to accommodate as many students and groups as possible. I saw students who looked comfortable and at ease, and able to concentrate on their learning. I did not hear a noise level that would inhibit learning. I saw active learning, not kids trying to get out of class and goofing off. This is proof that it is achievable and desirable to create a learning space for today’s students.

I saw as good an example of a learning library as one could need. Every library’s space is different, but every library’s space can be, and should be as equally supportive of its mission and inviting to its customers. Please share your learning space videos with our colleagues.

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