QR Codes for Libraries and Education

In my June 16 Post Do-It-Yourself QR Codes, I simply posed some facts and fascinations about QR codes. I recently came across some seriously useful applications for QR codes in libraries and education.
So, here we go, because… >>>>>>


Mobile Zebra Project, Laura Jacob, McGuffey (PA) School District

More education applications of QR codes are located at Cybrary Man’s Educational Web Sites where a 30 year’s experience educator provides links to QR code resources for almost every conceivable application – almost – and explains the “technical term for a scavenger hunt with QR codes is a Scan-venger hunt“. 😉

A QR code “group for collecting innovative practices and ideas about the use of QR codes in education and training” has a website at QR codes for learning. They have collected all kinds of useful applications including “How to Make a QR Code for your Website for Multilingual Visitors”.


The Daring Librarian has created a great poster for How to Create a QR Code In 3 Easy Steps at >>>>




iLibrarian offers QR Code Roundup: 10 Resources for Librarians and Educators, where she includes links to 10 creative and useful applications for QR codes.

There is even a QR Codes in Libraries Blog that began in April this year with the declaration that; “I believe the explosion of QR codes in the United States, accompanied by a growing spark of usage in libraries, validates taking a closer look at these fun little bar codes, how our profession is using them, and whether or not we should be.” She reported last June that;

Florida State’s law library is using QR codes in the stacks to help users locate the electronic version of a printed resource and as a way to make their librarians’ contact information available to patrons at the swipe of a mobile phone.

One example I heard recently involved placing QR codes randomly in the stacks to spark serendipitous moments for browsers. Sounds like a good way to encourage circulation of undercirculated items also! 8)

So, has your library found unique service applications for QR codes?

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