‘Post-PC Era’ – Are You Ready?

Last December when I wrote about Exponential Mobile Technology Growth – Seriously!, I stated;

Because mobile is taking over the market. Look what has happened to the early mobile operating systems. Their market share has eroded, while Apple, Android and BlackBerry have taken a huge chunk of the market place. This slide below shouts GROWTH!
And nothing says GROWTH like mobile surpassing PC in market share.

I’m sure some of you thought “This is just a passing fancy because smartphones are cute little devices, but how could mobile become that dominant?” Note the slide title above. “Mobile – Marketing – Momentum” Aren’t we seeing how it is happening? Doesn’t this point to where the future is?

In the NY Times article from last Thursday, Aug. 11, Apple Sounds the PC Death Knell, the writer states;

For over two years now, Mr. [Steve] Jobs and other Apple executives have been pushing the concept of a “post-PC era” where most people no longer have, or need, traditional computers and instead engage with the digital world though iPhones, iPods and iPads. [Emphasis added.]

FoxNews.com presented their coverage of this issue last Thursday also, and included more evidence to support the predictions, Time to Ditch PCs Altogether? Behold the Rise of the Smartphone by stating that;

According to a July survey by the Pew Research Center, one in four smartphone owners (22 million people in total, about as many as those rabid Mac owners you often encounter) prefer to connect to the Internet from their smartphone rather than their computer. About a third of them don’t even bother with high-speed home networking.

Sales of smartphones are through the roof, of course: Gartner noted an 85 percent year over year increase in smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2011. The research company also saw slumping PC sales in the second quarter of 2011, with shipments falling 5.6 percent.

That’s partly due to the rise of tablets, which are expected to help kill traditional PCs. While smartphone enthusiasts expressed interest, the vast majority still preferred the portability of their phone over other devices.

Take low-to-middle-income urbanites, for example. Many of them don’t own a computer, so the easiest and cheapest way for them to access online resources is by smartphone, according to a recent study by Fjord, a mobile research and design company.

“Many of our interview subjects attested that their first exposure to the Internet occurred on a smartphone or cellphone, not a desktop or laptop,” a [Fjord] representative told FoxNews.com.

Kate McGinly of Pittsburgh, who abandoned her laptop a year and a half ago, said it’s only a matter of time. “This is the direction in which computing is headed,” she told FoxNews.com. “With powerful apps and cloud storage, I can’t think of anything I’d need a laptop or desktop for.”

Read that last part again – “With powerful apps and cloud storage, I can’t think of anything I’d need a laptop or desktop for.” AND, to bring the issue closer to your library –

sclsyouthservices Blog posted this two days before the NY Times and FoxNews – iPads Replace Desktop Computers at North Shore Public Library.
“The children she [Lori, the Children’s Department Manager] sees as young as three years old are gravitating towards their parent’s smart phones, not desktop machines they may not have even seen before.

The Unquiet Librarian posted this the same day as NY Times and FoxNews – Next Steps in the eReader Journey: The Nook Simple Touch.
“While the device has tremendous appeal, the new tools for content and device management is the real selling point for us as a K12 school. Here is a summary of the new program Barnes and Noble Managed Program and that I’m posting here with permission from my local sales representative.”

I will continue to state: THE FUTURE IS NOW!
Stay current – or remain behind. It’s your call.

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  1. I do love the portable devices, and our library system is currently purchasing several for instructional purposes for our patrons. I do not currently have a PC at home, but I do use a netbook, and actually would rather have a PC or larger laptop for persnal use for the ease of producing documents. It is quite tedious to type at length on a portable device (although I admit I have not tried the iPad). I’ll keep my netbook for now, but don’t know if there will be another PC in my future!

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