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DRM-free eBooks Now Available

July 6th, 2011 Dan Stasiewski, Public Relations Manager, OverDrive, published this bomb shell announcement.

For the past few months, OverDrive has been beta testing DRM-free eBook distribution in libraries. Today, we’re excited to announce that all OverDrive-powered libraries can now add DRM-free eBooks to their digital collections.

To coincide with the launch of this new functionality, we would also like to welcome new publishers who are providing DRM-free eBooks to libraries in OverDrive’s global network:
• Bold Strokes Books
• Books to Go Now
• Carina Press
• Gideon Informatics
• Joe Konrath
• Microsoft Press
• O’Reilly Media
• Rock Nook
• Romance Divine LLC
• Rosenfeld Media
• Sher Music
• Simonelli Editore
• University Press of Colorado
• Wildside Press

All DRM-free eBooks are available under the one-copy/one-user model, which means you can add a copy to your collection and one user at a time can borrow the title from the library. Just like all other OverDrive-supplied content, the titles will be borrowed for a set amount of time and when that lending period is up, another user can check out the title.

WOW! Did any one see this coming (except the Beta testers)? Sounds awesome to the point of being “too good to be true”. Where’s the catch? Does this mean we can all trust eBook users now to do the right thing?

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