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Do-It-Yourself QR Codes

Ever wonder how you can make your own QR code symbol? Well, I did when I noticed that a colleague had added a QR Code sticker to his business card. I scanned it and got a “contact” for a smartphone that you would then save to your Contacts list. Pretty slick.

So, that started me doing some research on the subject of making my own QR Code with my information. According to Wikipedia [If my frequent reliance on the Wiki folks is annoying to some, too bad. I find it very useful, as does Stephen Abram.], QR Code “was created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994, the QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes. The QR code was created to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed”, and the scan results are amazingly fast on your smartphone.

You can read the Denso-Wave website if you’re really interested in the details of what the code contains or how, but I’m just interested in how I can make my own. There are numerous free QR Code generators on the Internet naturally. Finding the right one for my job was the time consuming part. There are ones that generate a specific code symbol, like a URL, or contact as I mentioned above, or advertisements, etc. But finding the right one to link my “symbol” with me was tricky.

There are 40 versions of QR Code from Version 1 that contains up to 25 characters, to Version 40 that contains up to 4,296 characters – so, chose your poison – part of which depends on the scanner. There is even micro-QR for very limited scanners, but the standard QR code is up to 7,089 characters – more than enough for me.

I tried INVX.com that essentially only does a single URL, which is fine if that’s all you want to do is plaster your URL around where ever.

But, if you’re interested in making a “contact” type message, goqr.me is a quick an easy way to generate that PNG file (or BMP file in some cases) of your QR Code basic contact information – name, title, address, phone, email, etc.

One thing that is noticeable is that the more characters of information, the more dense the symbol.

With Mobile-Barcodes.com you can generate a message…

… or a URL, SMS, email, or this less than 100 character message above.

Delivr QR Code Generator creates the “contact” information. But, depending on your smartphone configuration, it might not save all the information.

I guess the important thing about Do-It-Yourself QR Code creating is that you can find whatever application you want to suit your needs. As far as smartphone apps to actually scan and read the QR Code, that is wide open as well. Use the “app store” of your service provider and you can find free apps for your specific device, and there are numerous suppliers online as well. You just need to spend some time figuring out what works best for you. Copying the symbol to whatever media you chose is just normal word processing stuff. Copy it into a label maker, or common label printing software (like MS Word) and viola’!

And don’t forget…….


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