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Top 10 Viewed Blog Posts

WordPress Blog host does an excellent job of tracking viewer data. For the past 16 months the data shows that the following are the Top 10 most viewed Posts. The topics of most interest to readers are extremely interesting to me, since my primary focus was on 21st Century Library issues and changes – I thought, and the Strategic Planning topics were somewhat generic – I thought.

I am also extremely interested in hearing from you readers – Why the disproportionate interest in these topics? What is it about Strategic Planning that attracts so much interest?

1. Customer Is The Purpose – 1,529

2. 21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Goals and Objectives – 1,095

3. 21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Forecast – 715

4. 21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Mission Statement – 690

5. Changes in Our Librarian Education for the 21st Century – 676

6. 21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Vision Statement – 596

7. 21st Century Skills, Libraries and Librarians – 593

8. 21st Century Skills & The Future of Libraries – 504

9. 21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Measures and Outcomes – 398

10. Your Library and 21st century skills or “21st Century Skills” – 341

Please let me know why these topics have attracted your interest.


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