Strategic Plans & Strategic Partnerships

The information in the original Post has been included in Chapter 7 – Goals and Objectives of my new book – “Crash Course in Strategic Planning

“One of the areas of planning that has developed from a 21st Century environment deals with strategic partnerships. Considering that this is a relatively new area of library endeavor, here is a suggestion about incorporating it into your next strategic plan. Remember that goals are the desired results we want to achieve to accomplish the mission, expressed in general terms.

* Goal #7.—Develop Strategic Partnerships.
Expressed in general terms, this Goal is broad enough to allow for more specific Objectives.

• Objective #O7.1—Seek out organizations, companies, agencies of any type within the community that have potential strategic partnership value to the library.
This description defines a specific objective to be proactive in determining what entities within your community have potential benefits for the library through a strategic partnership.

• Activity #A7.1.1 ….” [Pg. 48]

(Matthews, Stephen. Matthews, Kimberly. (2013). Crash course in strategic planning. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.)

Our book is now available from Libraries Unlimited. Visit their website for more information and an opportunity to order the book.

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