Social Networking Takes Hollywood

Well, not quite. Mashable called “The Social Network” Oscar award wins ‘disappointing’, but it did win three of the eight Oscars for which it was nominated – nominations that included Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director. “Fincher’s movie, a fictionalized account of the rise of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, still won three Oscars. Writer Aaron Sorkin, also known for West Wing and A Few Good Men, won Best Adapted Screenplay (it was based on Ben Mezrich’s book “The Accidental Billionaires”), while Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor won Best Original Score for the movie’s haunting music. The movie also won an award for Best Film Editing.”

Point being – social networking has taken a main stream role in our society. Ceremonies Co-Host James Franco came on stage flashing his smartphone, verifying as promised that he would be Tweeting during the awards ceremony. When social networking comes to big time Hollywood “entertainment”, you know it has arrived in the main stream of our culture.

I’ve commented on TV sit-coms using iPad as the “must have” gift, and youth texting being a topic as well. But, this past weekend I was catching up on recorded episodes of Gray’s Anatomy, and one episode especially caught my imagination (February 3 episode Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)). It dealt with the advantages of using Twitter in the workplace – in the hospital OR actually.

OK, like the Chief of Surgery, one might think Twitter would be intrusive and totally out of place in an operating room setting. But, the writers presented a scenario that made its use not only appropriate, but highly beneficial. The result was that those “observing” the surgery were able to offer useful information – one even offered life saving assistance.

Now that’s the kind of technology use we like to see. And, you say ‘That’s just Hollywood entertainment.Surgeons send ‘tweets’ from operating room happened two years ago. Seven months later CBS reported in “Twitter Opens a Door to Operating Room” that “Twitter is opening doors to the sterile confines of operating rooms, paving the way for families – and anyone else for that matter – to follow a patient’s progress as they go under the knife.”

Is it possible that the use of Twitter in a library workplace could save lives? Who knows, but it is certain that Twitter and other social networking can change lives, change the way librarians do business, and change how customers perceive the library. It is up to us librarians to figure out how to use social networking to our benefit and that of our customers.


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2 responses to “Social Networking Takes Hollywood

  1. As a college librarian who started one of the first ever blogs on social networking in libraries, I have noticed over the past 4 years a major increase in the interest and the need for libraries to use social networking. However, I’m still not really sure how college libraries would use twitter effectively. I’ve seen several try with limited success. Public libraries in my view can benefit more. Most college students from my experience don’t use twitter.

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