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Tween Library User Creates #1 App

A 14 year old entrepreneur from Spanish Fork, Utah used resources from his local public library to create the #1 hottest app on the Net – Bubble Ball.

ABC reported the story this past weekend.

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One Year of Blogging

I couldn’t let this anniversary go by without expressing my appreciation to those readers who have stayed with me over this past year of Blogging. If anyone had told me two years ago that I would start a Blog and have nearly 100 Posts in the first year, I would have replied “No way!”

But, sure enough, I guess when a person finds something worth Blogging about; it just kind of takes over and acquires a life of its own. With almost 14,000 total views, it is gratifying to know that some of what I have written is interesting to several people, and the average daily readers has grown from single digit to almost 100/day.

I was especially interested to note that of the 30 subscribers, about half are within the past four months. What is most curious about them is the fact that subscribers are from six countries, not counting the USA, (India, Ethiopia, Australia, Canada, England, and Sri Lanka), and every type of library. Included with many public librarians is a military librarian, three university librarians, two school librarians and one business librarian (I assume librarian). My two most unexpected subscribers are from the New York City Library Reading Room, and IMLS (Institute for Museums and Library Science – the Federal agency that gives all libraries federal $$$ )

Most curious of all this year’s data, the Posts with the most views are ones that I was concerned at the time would simply be filler – Strategic Planning. (Who knew?) The top six most read Posts were:

21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Goals and Objectives
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Forecast
21st Century Skills, Libraries and Librarians
21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Mission Statement
Changes in Our Librarian Education for the 21st Century
21st Century Skills & The Future of Libraries

Gratifyingly, Posts about 21st Century Skills, Libraries and Librarians, Changes in Our Librarian Education, and The Future of Libraries are also among the top six most viewed Posts. (“About” came in 7th – which is not surprising that people are curious who this usually opinionated, often pontificating author is.)

I also can not let this occasion pass without thanking my colleagues at the Utah State Library for providing me MANY topics for Posts, and much information and perspective on numerous subjects. Also, my wife and daughter (a GenX capitol city library director) have provided much inspiration and insight into the topics I struggled with most over the past year.

To all –

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