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Exponential Mobile Technology Growth – Seriously!

Stephen Abram has tuned us into a recent post by Morgan Stanley experts regarding their analysis of the Web2.0 environment. While he did not offer any commentary on the presentation, I was struck by several elements that are and will impact our librarianship profession.

Ten Questions Internet Execs Should Ask & Answer – Presentation from Web 2.0 Summit – San Francisco, CA, November 16, 2010, authored by Mary Meeker, Scott Devitt and Liang Wu. I strongly recommend you read it, but in the mean time I will Post what selected bits of the information mean to me.

I have made Posts regarding the impact of “mobile” technology on 21st Century library services, but this slide shows just how significant the impact really is – “The Likes of Which We Haven’t Seen Before”. And when you consider this is coming from technology market insiders, that says to me – MOBILE IS WHERE THE FUTURE IS! Do you want your library to remain relevant? GET MOBILE!

Because mobile is taking over the market. Look what has happened to the early mobile operating systems. Their market share has eroded, while Apple, Android and BlackBerry have taken a huge chunk of the market place. This slide below shouts GROWTH!

And nothing says GROWTH like mobile surpassing PC in market share. Remember my Post about “white space” bandwidth (“White Spaces” – Another Game Changer!)? Last September the FCC approved opening the white space bandwidth to commercial users – BOOM! – explosion of wireless services on the “SUPER Wi-Fi”, as the FCC calls it, will lead to the Smartphone surpassing the PC in a couple of years. WHY WAIT? (In business terms “laggards” are at the end of the adoption cycle for new products and get whatever is left over. Doesn’t sound very appealing.)

We know who is always on the heels of any product or technology explosion – corporate America and ADVERTISING. Where is the most fertile new ground for expanding advertising? Apparently, social networking websites. Is your 21st Century Library on Facebook? It’s taking the lead with its new replacement for email.

Below is an example of the new mobile commerce that is just around the corner. Do you think humans want everything to be like a game? What segment of your library customers want that?

From the evidence of how mobile ecommerce technology is penetrating the market place (slide below), I’d say Millennial Generation customers must want that.


Are you familiar with any of these products and services? You should be!

One last little tid bit in the presentation on the future of Web2.0 was this slide below about YouTube. Even YouTube’s content is accelerating, nearly doubling each year for the past two years.
Is your 21st Century Library on YouTube? It should be!

OK, to summarize the point of this Post – the impact of “mobile” technology on 21st Century library services is enormous – “The Likes of Which We Haven’t Seen Before”. MOBILE IS WHERE THE FUTURE IS! If you want your library to remain relevant – GET MOBILE!


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