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Values and Guiding Principles – Revisited

Serendipity is a wondrous thing in life. While on vacation back East with our daughter over the Thanksgiving holiday, we were discussing Vision, Mission and Value statements (21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Values and Guiding Principles) for the 21st Century library while driving down the road. We pulled alongside of an 18-wheel truck with a trailer that had both Mission and Value statements – right there on the side of the trailer – in very succinct and definitive terms.

Fortunately, I had a camera, so here is an example of how an organization can make its guiding statements clear to the public.

Just three words that capture the Mission of the organization; Logistics, Transportation, Distribution. Not elaborate, just succinct and easily understood by the organization’s market.

Unfortunately, this picture below was not as good quality, but the Value Statement was impressive.

In case it’s not readable enough:

6 values
one direction >

Customer Service
Social Responsibility

Another simple and succinct, relevant, useful and publically displayed message.

Excellent examples. Thanks NFI!

Anyone else seen any good statements displayed lately?

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