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US Education Reform Will Require Many Supermen and Superwomen

In yesterday’s Blog Post I reiterated the IMLS prediction – library services in the 21st Century will be impacted by these three elements:
Technology – Education Reform – Societal Changes

I also asked if you had heard of Waiting for “Superman”, the documentary film about the US public education system? Today I want to make sure you have heard about it, because it is a topic that is sweeping the nation, on every talk show and newscast network, from Oprah to CNN.

I will see it when it comes to my town (hopefully soon), because in light of the P21 (The Partnership for 21st Century Skills) movement toward the 21st Century Skills in education (that I’ve discussed) and this documentary, that is causing such a nationwide stir, there will be education reform. I guarantee it! I have a feeling that Dr. Radice was thinking about P21 when she predicted education reform, but my guess is Waiting for “Superman” will provide the impetus to really open the door to making major education reform happen – because it spotlights in a visceral way that the system is broken.

Claims are that the current generation of kids in school will be the first generation that is not better educated than their parents. TRAGIC!

Is your library ready to provide some of the Supermen and Superwomen? Are you ready for the impact of education reform on your local library?

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