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21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Forecast

The information in the original Post has been included in Chapter 6 – Forecast of my new book – “Crash Course in Strategic Planning

“… forecast is the next step after the mission, values, and vision statements. It comes before the goals and objectives because this step is especially significant in the 21st Century environment due to the rapid changes and highly uncertain future that influence society and all libraries.

Simply put, forecast uses the facts of the present to determine what is most likely to occur in the future. … The mission and vision statements outline and describe why the library exists and what it wants to be, but real-world factors [analyzed] in adequate detail must be introduced into the strategic plan for it to be realistic and achievable.” [Pg. 33]

(Matthews, Stephen. Matthews, Kimberly. (2013). Crash course in strategic planning. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.)

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