21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Vision Statement

The information in the original Post has been included in Chapter 5 – Vision Statement of my new book – “Crash Course in Strategic Planning

“What will you dare to dream that your library can become in this 21st Century environment? Whatever it is, dream it! and make it your vision statement (Lucas, 1998).

The reason the vision statement comes at this point in the process is because you have developed some parameters within which you can develop your vision that will make it realistic, achievable, and relevant to your library. If you began with the vision, you might not have a firm foundation of your mission around which you can develop a vision, and the vision might be so fantastic or seemingly unrealistic that it would be useless, seen by some as ridiculously unachievable or by others as highly inappropriate. [Pg. 27]

(Matthews, Stephen. Matthews, Kimberly. (2013). Crash course in strategic planning. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.)

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3 responses to “21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Vision Statement

  1. Dr Surya Nath Singh

    vision plan to be given the futuristic view including Planning, Organization, staffing, Budgeting, trainnings, and other expected developments.

  2. Sally

    Hi Steve,

    I’ve just read this post, and it’s uncanny how we’re on the same wavelength! I wrote a post in April about the need for vision statements to inspire me with how libraries can take the world to a better place, and identifies 7 characteristics of a vision statement: imaginable, desirable, feasible, focussed, flexible, communicable, and visionary. I then look at two vision statements from libraries in New Zealand and rate them against these characteristics. Uncanny!

    If you’re interested, my post is http://findingheroes.co.nz/2011/04/19/1-inspire-me-with-your-vision-for-libraries/

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