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21st Century Library Strategic Plan – Mission Statement

The information in the original Post has been included in Chapter 3 – Mission Statement of my new book – “Crash Course in Strategic Planning

“This strategic plan model begins with the mission statement because the reason why you exist should come before everything else, even the vision. Without the parameters defined by a mission, the vision could be anything, which might not even directly relate to your library, let alone be realistic.

It also needs to be understood that the mission, vision, and values statements work in concert to create a complete definition of your library. Therefore, it is highly useful to exploit the unique purposes of each of the three statements rather than try to make each statement independently define your library.” [Pg. 13]

In order to be a useful mission statement, it must be realistic and achievable. What is the library’s mission in the 21st Century? Is it different from or the same as it has always been? Many believe it is the same because it is a “core” mission (whatever that means in a 21st Century context). The fact that real-world libraries are changing to survive supports the assertion that any core mission that existed has changed to address the environmental changes that have occurred in the 21st Century. [Pg. 14]

(Matthews, Stephen. Matthews, Kimberly. (2013). Crash course in strategic planning. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.)

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