“21st Century Skills & Utah Libraries” Presentation

For those of you following this 21st Century Library topic, the Utah Library Association 2010 Conference is being held this week in St. George, UT, May 13th and 14th. I, and my boss Utah State Librarian Donna Jones Morris, will be presenting a conference session entitled “21st Century Skills & Utah Libraries” on Friday May 14th at 1:30pm MDT – which will be broadcast LIVE on Wimba, courtesy of the University of Utah.

Details are listed at the ULA Conference Website at: http://ula.org/conference/2010conf/virtual.php and repeated below.

Virtual Conference, May 13-14, 2010
At the conference this year we will be broadcasting some of the presentations live via a Wimba interface. All you’ll need to see the presentation is a good Internet connection and a web browser. Following the conference an archive will be available here on the ULA website.

Schedule of Events to be shown live via Wimba
Friday, May 14, 2010
o 1:30-4pm – “21st Century Skills & Utah Libraries” (Presenters: Donna Jones Morris, Steve Matthews, Panelists Gina Millsap, Janene Bowen, Mike Freeman)

Browser Set-up
To see a session live (consult schedule for dates and times) visit:

You may be asked to allow pop-ups for this site or url or site number, please do.

Use the “participant login” – your username can be whatever you like.

If your audio and internet connection speed are fine, there’s no need to run the wizard – there’s a small link below to bypass this.

Once in a session, you can resize the video or PowerPoint windows.

If you would like to send a question to the presenter at the Q&A time, please type it in the comments box on the bottom right of the Wimba window and the Wimba administrator for that session will try to get it to the presenter (who will repeat the question before answering). Since this is a trial run for the ULA conference, we can’t guarantee your questions will be answered due to technical, time or other unforeseen issues, but we’ll give it our best shot!

(Note: if you click the “talk button”, your comment/question will NOT be broadcast to the speaker or attendees of the session, but it may be recorded in the final archive of the presentation, so please avoid the “talk button”.)

I hope to greet you all there! The PPT and archived presentation will be linked here next week.

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